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Cade McCrane


Cade McCrane grew up in Minnesota, and has lived throughout the US, Africa, South America and most recently seven years in Japan. Events in the early aughts inspired his first novel, The Herrick Solution, with his experiences working on archaeological excavations and performing arts productions throughout the globe solidifying further novels in the Detective Lighthouse Mystery Series. He currently splits his time between Minnesota and Asia with his wife and four children.

A small snippet in his own words helps describe the many adventures that influence his writing:


"From time to time, new friends and colleagues ask me where my favorite places are on Earth. My response is always the same: it’s who you’re with that matters, not where you are. One of my fondest memories comes from 1999 Havana and being stalked for a week by an errant CIA operative. My buddy Toby from London chose the destination so he could attend premieres at the Havana Film Festival. But the reality turned out we only caught a few movies and instead sequestered ourselves away at the National Hotel drinking Cristal (beer, not champs) and laughing over a troubled script we were penning together to present to Hollywood on a whim. I found the city to be a smelly pit and absolutely hated the humidity. More importantly, every time I stepped into the public domain I was pestered by an undercover agent who thought I was trafficking cocaine to the US via the “contraband” island of Cuba. The ensuing cat-and-mouse game between the agent and our relatively innocent travel party of three helped me glimpse an experience of what it’s like to be on the criminal side of life. I’ll likely never go back to Cuba, but I have its gracious illusions to thank for one of my life’s more surreal experiences."

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